Conversion Table

Magnetic Parameter Symbol Unit in SI (mks) system Unit in cgs system Multiplier to Convert SI to cgs units Multiplier to Convert cgs to SI units
Flux Density B Tesla (T) Gauss (G or Gs) 10,000 0.0001
Field Strength H Ampere turns per meter (A/m) Oersteds (Oe) 0.01257 79.6
Length l meter (m) centimeter (cm) 100 0.01
Maximum Energy Product (BH)max kilo Joules per cubic meter (kJ/m3) Million Gauss Oersteds (MGO) 0.1257 7.96
Flux Φ Weber (Wb) Maxwell (Mx) 10 8 10 -8
Energy  E Joules (J) Erg (erg) 10 7 10 -7
Force F Newton (N) Dyne (dyn) 10 5 10 -5