HR Manager
About This Role:

Quadrant is looking for a HR Manager that oversees all areas of Human Resources, as an HR generalist, including benefits administration and program development, recruiting and onboarding, corporate compliance in HR related matters, training, performance appraisal, and Employee Relations. This position reports to the President and is based in San Diego, CA.

Job Description:

Benefits Administration

  • Administer and monitor all benefits programs

  • Communicate to employees the content, costs and difference of the different benefits program options, answer and address questions from employees

  • Research, analyze and suggest possible benefit plans prior to open enrollment.  Present cost analysis of each plan

  • Work with 3rd party administrators, where necessary, to successfully, efficiently, and effectively offer plans to employees.

  • Provide monthly data analysis on benefits usage and costs

  • Work with current and future employees to make sure they have successfully signed up for benefits.

Recruitment & Onboarding

  • Be the main coordination point for all recruitment efforts for each entity, assisting all divisions with each open position from beginning until completion.

  • Work with division leaders to post jobs, evaluate applicants, conduct reference checks, and make final offers.

  • Provide all necessary documentation to new hires for benefits plans, payroll, training requirements, and other paperwork as necessary during the recruitment process.  Follow up to ensure all documentation is completed and returned in a timely manner

  • Develop recruitment tools and methods to aid the company in hiring efficiently

  • Conduct background or reference checks as needed.

  • Schedule and conduct employee benefit meetings as needed

  • Accurately maintain company recruitment data, including past, current, and future candidates.

  • Post position on the appropriate recruitment sites and monitor activity.

Compliance & Record Keeping

  • Ensure that all entities are in legal compliance in all areas of HR

  • Advise management of changes in compliance issue.

  • Determine and communicate recordkeeping requirements.  Complete internal reviews to ensure recordkeeping is current and maintained.

  • Handle all internal and external questions regarding compliance and recordkeeping.

  • Work with each entity to ensure complete and accurate compliance and recordkeeping is maintained and all procedures are followed as best as possible. 

  • Review internal program, training, and procedures to ensure company is in complete compliance with all local and federal regulations.

  • Train and communicate current and new requirements to each entity to ensure compliance.  Update policies and procedures as necessary.

  • Present compliance and recordkeeping issues and concern to management for a determination.

  • Ensure the company policies and procedures are current in the Employee Handbook, and write and communicate policy & procedures as needed.

Employee Relations

  • Handle employee issues that arise, either directly or with the managers.   Maintain confidentiality of each issue, communicate all issues to President of Quadrant International, and suggest options for resolution.

  • Work with company attorneys as needed in matters related to employee issues.

  • Research, analyze, suggest, and implement employee relation programs that focus on employee retention, health & wellness, and a competitive work environment. 

Performance Appraisal

  • Continually develop performance appraisal system and content

  • Notify managers of upcoming performance appraisals that need to be completed and communicated to employees.  Work with managers to complete a written performance appraisal prior to communications with employees to ensure compliance of content

  • Ensure all performance appraisals have a follow up plan

  • Maintain a history of each performance appraisal for all employees.   Ensure each performance appraisal is logged into HR system


  • Develop training programs as needed.

  • Work with each entity to ensure appropriate technical, leadership, and employee training programs are developed and offered.

  • Maintain training records for each employee.

  • Update and maintain training program content.   Continually research and suggest new training programs.

  • Work with corporate and external trainers to schedule training programs as needed.

  • Teach HR related courses, if needed

Other Duties

  • Assistance with OSHA compliance, if needed

  • Assist with corporate and succession planning as needed

  • Write job descriptions

  • Other duties as assigned


  • 4-5 years HR experience, preferably in a manufacturing environment, but not required.

  • Experience with HRIS systems

  • Able to conduct training on HR programs

  • Solid communication skills, including verbal and written

  • Computer skills, including Microsoft Office.

  • Able to multitask and meet deadlines

  • Ability to learn technical information.

  • Flexible and adaptable with a history of helping an HR department with implementation of policies and procedures.

  • Able to travel when needed

About Quadrant:

Founded in 1992, Quadrant is a worldwide leader in magnetics. Our focus is on the design, R&D, and manufacturing of all types of magnetic materials, magnetic assemblies, and functional modules. We provide one-stop, turnkey solutions to the most recognizable manufacturers in the automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, security, sensing, medical, aerospace, military, and other industries on a global scale.

At Quadrant, we value our diverse workforce, one that is comprised of a global network of talents who are dedicated, passionate and experts in their respective fields. We believe that no one is limited or restricted from achieving their own career goals. We respect each and every one of our employees since it is them who help to push Quadrant forward.

Employment Type
Full Time
San Diego, California
Human Resource Department
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