Product Engineer (PE)
About This Role:

Quadrant is looking for a Product Engineer, this position will be responsible for the development, design and research of products.

Job Description:

  • Study and develop NPI products, optimize the design of existing MP projects;

  • Compile, update, transfer and execute the documentation required for NPI and MP projects;

  • Design, customize, optimize and update the tooling and fixture needed for NPI projects.


  • Bachelor Degree and above, mechanics major is preferred;

  • 3 years +  working experiences in engineering or related field;

  • Able to master 2D and 3D design software;

  • Strong capability in communication, coordination and execution;

  • CET-4 +.

About Quadrant:

Founded in 1992, Quadrant is a worldwide leader in magnetics. Our focus is on the design, R&D, and manufacturing of all types of magnetic materials, magnetic assemblies, and functional modules. We provide one-stop, turnkey solutions to the most recognizable manufacturers in the automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, security, sensing, medical, aerospace, military, and other industries on a global scale.

At Quadrant, we value our diverse workforce, one that is comprised of a global network of talents who are dedicated, passionate and experts in their respective fields. We believe that no one is limited or restricted from achieving their own career goals. We respect each and every one of our employees since it is them who help to push Quadrant forward.

Employment Type
Full Time
Hangzhou, China
R&D Department
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