Data Sheets
SmCo Magnets

Sintered SmCo is a permanent magnetic material made up of rare earth metal samarium, cobalt, copper, iron, and zirconium through the powder metallurgy process. 

SmCo permanent magnets have the advantages of:

  1. High magnetic energy

  2. Low temperature coefficient

  3. High temperature resistance

Quadrant established the production line of Sintered SmCo in 2012, and we continually pursue advancements in manufacturing and materials. Our commitment to R&D and manufacturing excellence is evident in our consistent, high-quality materials with a (BH)max for Sm1Co5 ranging from 18-24 MGOe, and a (BH)max for Sm2Co17 ranging from 24-33 MGOe.

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SmCo is widely used in the automotive industry, appliances, communications, EV motors,aerospace, and various other fields due to its high magnetic properties and temperaturestability. Contact us to learn more.