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About Quadrant
Quadrant is the worldwide leader in the magnetic industry. Our portfolio of products, services and technologies solve customer challenges in magnetic applications. From design, R&D, prototype validation to mass production, Quadrant provides a one-stop solution for magnetic applications.
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Advanced Engineering
Quadrant develops and integrates magnetic functionality into our customers’ products, by using our extensive experience and advanced equipment to provide complete engineering support for magnet product design, modeling, prototyping and optimization.
Precision Manufacturing
Quadrant fosters a culture where our brightest minds collaborate to further innovation throughout our manufacturing processes. We offer tailored manufacturing and product development services to meet our customized customers' needs.
Automation Technology
With experiences in integrating lean manufacturing, Quadrant is proud of our automation capabilities in both design and implementation which yields ultimate customer satisfaction.
Magnetizing System
Proper magnetization is required in order to realize the full potential of magnetic products. Quadrant designs and manufactures both discrete and integrated magnetizing systems with up-to-date technologies.
Technological Advancement
Quadrant takes the lead in the industry and delivers cutting-edge magnetic technologies that boost the world’s development. It is our mission to ensure that our customer’s requirements are met each and every time.
What We Do

Quadrant provides comprehensive magnetic solutions from early prototype to iterative development.

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