Industries We Serve

Quadrant delivers cutting-edge technical solutions to numerous industries including: automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, security, sensing, medical, energy, and more. We work across multiple industries to understand the impact of magnetic technologies from material to final application.

Automotive & Motors
The ultimate transportation solutions

Through the use of innovative magnetic technologies, our products contribute to a safer, energy efficient driving experience. 

Electric Vehicle
Technological advancements and innovation in electric motors is evolving and expanding rapidly. Our global electric vehicle (EV) partners rely on our magnetics engineering and experience to continually develop advanced magnetic systems and components.
Motion Control
Quadrant’s magnetic materials and sub assemblies are used in every automobile ranging from interior, exterior, power-train, and under-the-hood applications. We are vertically integrated and with our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to control the quality throughout every stage of production.
LiDAR Systems
Autonomous vehicles (AV) are becoming more prominent in the transportation of goods and people. Our engagement with this rapidly growing industry involves engineering, design optimization and production of new and complex motors. Such motors are widely used in laser imaging, detection, and ranging (LiDAR) systems. This is critical in the development of self-driving vehicles.
Sensor Applications
Magnetic Sensors measure many functions within a vehicle such as speed, distance, temperature, force, position control, driver interface, and more.
Electric Mobility
Electric Mobility
E-mobility technologies feature the most convenient and environmentally friendly solutions to transport people and goods, such as electric scooter and E-bikes. Our magnets, magnetic assemblies, MIM parts and motors work in sync to advance technologies in the electrical systems.