Magnetics Application Engineer
About This Role:

Quadrant ( is looking for a candidate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, Physics, Material Science or equivalent experience to join our Research & Development team as a full-time application engineer. The position responsibilities include projects related to magnetic components, development, and testing using advanced equipment and other assistance to the engineering team. Considering recent grads and experienced engineers, more than one position available.

Job Description:

The candidate will work with a team of engineers to design new permanent magnet and electro-magnetic circuits, answer customer questions and provide design support, help train customers and colleagues in magnetic design, materials, and functionality/theory. Self-led projects involving customer questions and design are a large part of the job with minimal team input (should be able to carry out own customer care and design projects to customer satisfaction). Simulate customer circuits and environments to help diagnose problems, iterate designs, or answer questions about how the design functions.


2+ years of engineering experience in industry prioritized.

Hands-on magnetic properties testing (preferred but not required) with VSM, hysteresis graph, magnetizer, flux meter, Helmholtz coil, etc. · Basic knowledge of magnetism and magnetic circuits (preferred but not required). Physics 200 level understanding of EM required.

Hands-on mechanical/electrical design (benchtop) experience.

Experience creating and interpreting 3D and 2D CAD, as a must.

FEA or Simulation experience preferred.

Electric motor/machine design preferred and prioritized

Experimental procedure experience. Know how to execute experiments, document, analyze and present data.

Good communication skills.

Able to work well with group members, customers and various departments and divisions within the company.

Design and simulation experience.

Advanced problem solving and critical thinking skills.

White paper and publication writing experience (academic writing).

About Quadrant:

Founded in 1992, Quadrant is a worldwide leader in magnetics. Our focus is on the design, R&D, and manufacturing of all types of magnetic materials, magnetic assemblies, and functional modules. We provide one-stop, turnkey solutions to the most recognizable manufacturers in the automotive, consumer electronics, appliance, security, sensing, medical, aerospace, military, and other industries on a global scale.

At Quadrant, we value our diverse workforce, one that is comprised of a global network of talents who are dedicated, passionate and experts in their respective fields. We believe that no one is limited or restricted from achieving their own career goals. We respect each and every one of our employees since it is them who help to push Quadrant forward. 

Employment Type
Full time
San Jose, California
R&D Department
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